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  • Elite Stage School - Ages (8-10 years)
    The Elite Stage School is a rigorous and fun program for children ages 8-10. Children stay active and fit through fun and challenging dance routines. The Elites start delving into more intermediate aspects of musical theatre, and develop their singing, acting and dance skills. Working as a team, the Elites create pieces for CPA’s acclaimed musical theatre showcases, and work towards individual and group examinations in musical theatre.
  • Mini Elite Stage School  - Ages (4-6 years)
    CPA offers a unique Mini Elite stage school for complete beginners aged 4,5 & 6. We use a blend of drama, singing and acting packed full of fun, song and dance. Introducing children to the world of Performing Arts building confidence, coordination and concentration. The children stay active through dance, and develop their imaginations with drama games designed to build confidence, imagination and spontaneity. Our Mini Elites also have unique opportunities to perform on stage for audiences as part of our acclaimed showcases and musical theatre performances.
  • Elite+ Stage School - Ages (8-11 years)
    Our Elite+ Stage School is an intensive preparatory program that prepares its students for the rigors of YPC+ and NXT Generation. It is open to students of any level who wish to get a headstart in the world of musical theatre. Students learn to sing, dance and act -- as well as learning techniques and mindsets to help them later on in all aspects of life. Our Elite+ students prepare for solo examinations in musical theatre, and are consistently featured as a group in our acclaimed musical theatre showcases, as well as being given solo opportunities. Elite+ aims to develop the unique performer in every child, and give them every opportunity to explore that element of themselves.
  • Mini Elite Seniors - Ages (6-8 years)
    Mini Elite Seniors take Mini Elites to the next level. With more challenging pieces and games, our Mini Elites Seniors work and play hard to create impressive musical theatre performances. Teamwork is emphasized, and creativity, fitness and confidence are carefully developed by our excellent teachers. The children learn the fundamentals of musical theatre: singing, acting, and dance — giving them a head start in all aspects of life.
  • Jazz / Commercial / Hip Hop
    CPA offers all its students the opportunity to study technical classes with the I.S.T.D Modern Jazz Syllabus with Examinations incorporated in most lessons. CPA offers commercial, Hip Hop, Jazz and street dance to all its members. Original choreography is a big part of our teaching with lots of different styles taught to ensure our students understand the development, skills and technique required to study.
  • Contemporary
    CPA offers Contemporary dance as part of the junior and Senior school with original choreography incorporating Lyrical movement that combines energy, flexibility and endurance.
  • Ballet
    CPA teaches and examines students from ages 4- professional levels in Classical Ballet with the Imperial Society of teachers of dance (I.S.T.D) Students study professional Pointe work in the higher grades.
  • Tap
    CPA is the only school in Nicosia that offers the very prestigious I.S.T.D Tap Dance training which include Examinations. Tap dance is available for all ages 4 plus. The Tap syllabus incorporates fun music, hip hop, commercial and Jazz styles and is great at building musicality, confidence and coordination.
  • Acting
    ‘All the world’s a stage’ and here at CPA we are the players! First and foremost drama at CPA is fun and this in turn, supports the development of a young person’s transferrable skills such as communication, confidence and teamwork. In our acting classes we examine and experiment with, a variety of different theatre styles including scripted work, improvisation, pantomime, physical theatre, naturalism, commedia dell‘arte, mime, Shakespeare, Restoration and Greek theatre. We also pay particular attention to the vocal techniques required of an actor, with a focus on projection, clarity and diction, through the delivery of workshops on ‘Standard Received Pronunciation’. In addition students participate in workshops on some of the theatre world’s most influential practitioners such as Stanislavski, Brecht and Artaud. As part of our acting programme we prepare students for acting examinations with LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art), where they are given the skills and techniques required to build and develop character. Here at CPA students receive professional training for a career in the industry. We encourage them to be intelligent, analytical and reflective performers who can go on to work in theatre, television and film around the world. So . . . As Shakespeare would say, in a rhyming way, You can learn all you need, here at CPA!
  • Musical Theatre Examinations
    CPA offers all its students from ages 4 - 24 the opportunity to study Musical Theatre Examinations with Trinity College london and Lamda London Examination Boards. Musical Theatre Examinations can be done as solo, groups or duets. With over 100 percent pass rates of distinction in the past three years. All our students gain a huge reward in skills, confidence and personal development from training at CPA in musical Theatre. We also offer the opportunity to gain a Diploma in Musical Theatre and Drama once students have gained the grade 8 examinations.
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