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Dance Teacher

Leadership, Success, Education, Strength, Family, Love are just the few of many concepts that Ms Sarah Milne has embodied and valued through the years.

I have had the pleasure to teach at Cyprus Performing Arts for the past two years and I have never met a more inspirational, passionate, and caring set of staff and students.

There are key ingredients of fortitude and resilience in the recipe for success to effectively manage, create and grow with a team.

This is not only a talent that's owned by those who are the best in what they do, but also by those who have a true passion for their students' personal and professional development.

At CPA we aim to create incredible pathways for the students to not only grow as a triple threat performer, but also as a person and as young professionals. CPA is the only place to be!.

I have been a student at Cyprus Performing Arts for three years. I came here with no dance experience and some experience in classical singing and acting. When my family moved to the U.S. I decided to stay in Cyprus to continue my training here. In three years, CPA transformed me into a musical theatre performer. The confidence I gained here will carry me throughout my life, and the friendships and family we built are something I will treasure forever. 

The team at CPA is incredible. It blows my mind that I spend my days working with people who have so much experience in the industry. Their insights and the work ethic they teach are things I know I will use throughout my career. The effort they put into teaching and into each individual student is fantastic and speaks to the passion they have for their craft. CPA made me who I am and I couldn’t be prouder of that fact. Wherever the future takes me, I know that I can rely on the training I am receiving here -- and on the family of talented, passionate, hardworking people who make this school one of a kind.


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CPA is intense. There can be no doubt about it. But the satisfaction after a long day of hard work in a room full of people as passionate as you are can not be overstated. CPA has pushed me to my very limits and taught me to redefine my limits as I become a stronger and more versatile performer. 

Stalo. L


My son has been with CPA for 6 years now, ever since he was in pre-school. The classes are fun, exciting, creative, and a  wonderful place for kids to learn, develop their talents, boost confidence, enhance their self-esteem and explore their creative potential. The whole team at CPA is very professional, friendly, child-centered, warm and approachable,  and utterly passionate and dedicated to what they do; their passion, positive energy and enthusiasm is contagious!  CPA has definitely provided a beautiful space for my son to learn and grow and most importantly has given him skills not only in performing but skills for life as well.

CPA feels like the place Cleo and her friends belong to.

Smiles, excitement followed up by us as parents feeling proud of Cleo and what she manages to achieve through her hard practice and the guidance from all her CPA instructors.

CPA offers so much and mostly it does so ‘behind the scenes’. It does feel like the way to follow your dream for all the student.

Singing, dancing, acting the whole thing! Character, confidence boosting, respecting one another in combination with the love and hugs offered by everyone at CPA seems to be the ultimate place for our girl to shine.

Thank you and looking forward to more shows.  Lia Philipou





CPA is a caring, loving respectful environment where my daughter spents many happy hours learning and fine tuning her dance skills. As a mother i feel so good that she spends her time in an environment that holds everyone to the same standards of respect commitment and discipline while doing something she loves. Sarah and her team are such a positive influence in her life. Thank you CPA TEAM!!


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